McHale Fusion3

The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper consists of an 18 roller fixed chamber baler and an integrated vertical wrapping ring.

Over the last 10 years, there has been constant pressure on farmers and contractors to reduce costs. In response to this McHale developed the McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper. It combines two traditionally separate jobs, namely baling and bale wrapping, and integrates them into a single operation, which can be done by one person and one machine. The Fusion 3 is unique in that it has been specifically designed as a high output integrated baler wrapper, a product whereby McHale is recognised as a world leader.


Pick Up

The McHale Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is fitted with a high capacity 2.1 metre galvanised pickup which lifts even the shortest of crop 

Accurate height control can be achieved through a spring balanced hydraulic lifting system.

The pickup is fitted with lateral feed augers that smoothly guide the crop into the chopping unit. 

The pickup features 

  •          Five rows of tines
  •          Double raced cam bearings
  •          Slip clutch protection
  •          Cam side inspection port for checking or changing pickup bearings 

A crop compression roller is also available as an optional extra on the Fusion 3. 

This roller evens out lumps in the swarth and minimises the risk of blockages when working in heavy swarths.



The McHale rotor design encourages a uniform crop flow

It reduces the risk of blockage, thus maximising output.

The chopping unit features 25 knives. Knives in the chopping unit are made from hardened tool steel and can be engaged and disengaged from the tractor cab.

When engaged, the knives extend into the spine of the rotor, which ensures a consistent chop quality.


Drop Floor

Baling conditions are not always ideal; uneven swarths can occur which can lead to blockages

The main drive chain on the Fusion 3 integrated baler wrapper is protected by a slip clutch on the PTO. 

  1.        Should a blockage occur, the sound of the slip clutch alerts the operator, who can hydraulically lower the floor from the tractor cab.
  2.        This widens the chopper unit feed channel and, on re-engaging the PTO, the blockage can be fed through.
  3.        The floor can then be reset and baling can resume.




The bearings and chains are supported by a progressive greasing and oiling system

Each time a bale is ejected from the wrapping table on the machine, oil and grease pass through the respective progressive blocks. 

The blocks measure and regulate the amount of grease and oil going to the bearings and chains.

This ensures that the machine consistently delivers the correct amount of oil or grease depending on the load the components are under.

  •          The chamber drive chains, rotor chain and pickup chains receive a measured amount of oil.
  •          At the same time, the chamber rollers on the drive and non-drive side, rotor bearings and pickup gears automatically receive a measured amount of pressurised grease.
  •          After a pre-set number of bales a lube alarm will sound, reminding the operator to top up the lubrication system.



Fusion 3 

Weight & Dimensions





2.76m / 2.94m (depend of tyre selection)





Working width


Pick Up


Tine Bars


Tine Spacing


Pick Up Lift


Pick Up Guide Wheels (pneumatic)


Chopper Unit


Max Number of Knives


Theoratical Chop Length


Unblocking System

Drop Floor

Knife Control

Hydraulic from Tractor Cab

Knife Protection


Bale Chamber


Number of Rollers 18
Width  1.23m
Diameter 1.25m
Greasing Progressive (Standard)
Bearings 50mm

Net Wrap


Net Adjustment

Manual on Baler

Net Roll Capacity 

1+1 Storage

Net System

Pivot Stretch (4bar)


Manual or Automatic



Dispensers 70% 2 x 750mm
Film Stretch 70% standard (55% optional)
System Vertical Wrapping Ring 
Film Storage 10 Rolls & 2 on the Wrapper
Film Layers  2+2+2 System
Pick up Protection Slip Clutch
Main Drive Protection Cam Clutch 
Gearbox  Split Drive
Chain Lubrication  Progressive (Standard)
Operaton  Fully Automatic Electric 



Density Adjustment

On Baler Valve
Operation Fully Automatic Electronic
Control System Expert 



Tyre Sizes

560/60R 22.5 (650/50R 22.5 optional)


12 Volt DC, 7amp approx.

Min. Hydraulic Flow

45 litres / min at 180 bar
Hydraulic System Open. Closed or Load Sensing 
Min PTO Power Requirement 107hp ( 80kW)