In today's marketplace, businesses consider competitive tailored financing options as equally important as the equipment features and benefits when they acquire machinery. 

PFG Credit offers comprehensive financing programs based on innovative financial products to meet the individual needs of our customers. 

The various PFG Credit products available to clients are designed to allow businesses to conserve working capital, budget on a fixed rate and select from fixed term and fixed repayments to suit their cash flow. 



It’s time for your clients to ZERO in on a very good finance deal during Spring 2021

These awesome PFG Credit packages are designed to allow clients to conserve important working capital, budget on a fixed rate, fixed term and fixed repayments to suit their business cash flow.

  • Zero Interest with 1/3rd 1/3rd & 1/3 rd Repayments over 1 Year
  • Zero Deposit, 1.99%p.a. over 36 equal Monthly Repayments
  • Zero Deposit, 2.49%p.a. over 48 equal Monthly Repayments
  • Zero Deposit, 2.99%p.a. over 60 equal Monthly Repayments

(Note: Clients will need to repay the 10% GST within 4 months to achieve the advertised rates, or alternatively pay a deposit instead)

All new silage & feeding equipment supplied by PFG Australia.

Importantly these packages are only available to those commercial buyers with an ABN in place for a minimum of 3 years. For clients with a newer ABN or Annual repayments, PFG Credit may require up to 30% cash deposit on the transaction. All loans are subject to credit approval by PFG Credit. Lending fees and Government charges may apply.

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