McHale Orbital 

A high speed round bale wrapper. 

The McHale Orbital is high speed solution which delivers consistent and even overlap and achieves optimum levels of fodder preservation and quality.

The McHale Orbital harnesses the proven vertical wrapping ring technology used in the McHale Fusion to deliver a high output, low maintenance bale wrapper which is capable of keeping up with multiple balers.

The Orbital’s ring wraps at 40 revolutions per minute and can apply four layers of film in less than 18 seconds and six layers in less than 25 seconds.

It places the wrapped bale gently on the ground and can be wrapping one bale whilst carrying a second bale on the lift arm. 


  • McHale patented high speed transfer system
  • McHale patented tip roller
  • Vertical warpping ring 
  • Reliable cut and hold
  • The Expert Plus Control Console


Length 4.35m  
Width 2.74 m  
Height 3.00m  
Weight 1850 kgs  
Dispenser Speed  40 RPM  
Film Storage  6 Rolls & 2 on the Dispensers  
Film Layers  2 + 2 + 2 System  
Film Stretch  70% Standard (64% or 55% Optional)  
Bale Size Adjustment  In-Cab  

See brochure for full specifications