McHale W2020

The McHale W2020 is a high-speed stacking bale wrapper. It is a compact machine, which allows one operator to transport, wrap and stack the bale with one tractor or loader.

The W2020 can wrap a bale with four layers of plastic in approximately 20 seconds and with six layers of plastic in 30 seconds.

The W2020 is controlled by an EXPERT PLUS CONTROL BOX, which makes wrapper operation fully automatic.


  • Fully Automatic High Output Bale Wrapper
  • RDS Expert Plus Control Box
  • Dual Stretch Dispenser 70% (Optional 55%)
  • Folding Arm Design
  • Hydraulic Cut & Hold
  • Plastic Break Sensors
  • Fast Loading and Unloading Times
  • Twin Satellites for Stable High Speed Wrapping


The W2020 is a versatile machine, which can be attached in three different ways: 

  • Rear Linkage: The machine can be fitted to the rear linkage of a low horsepower tractor. This is an ideal way to mount the machine where the machine will work in soft ground conditions or on hills. The W2020 provides high speed wrapping capabilities, while keeping machine weight to a minimum and keeping the bale close to the ground for a low centre of gravity and greater stability. 
  •  Front Linkage: The machine can be fitted to the front linkage of higher horsepower tractors giving the operator good visibility and making it more comfortable for the operator to load, wrap and position bales. 
  • Front Loader / Industrial Loader: For higher horse power tractors and industrial loaders the W2020 can be mounted on the front of the tractor or industrial loader, which will allow the operator to collect, transport, wrap and stack the bale with one machine. This eliminates the need for an extra tractor, bale handler and possibly a second driver or operator.

For more information please click here to download the brochure. 


Weight 845 kg
Attachment to Tractor Front or Rear Mounting
Height 2.4 m
Control Console Expert Plus Monitor
Width 1.43 m
Electrical Requirement 12 Volt from Battery or Euro Plug
Length 2.4 m
Film Dispensers 2 x 750mm Width Dispensers
Dispenser Working Speed 30 RPM
Hydraulic System Open Centre, Closed Centre, Load Sensing
Max Bale Weight (kgs) 1200 kg
Hydraulic Connection 2x ½“
Bale Diameter 1.2 – 1.5 m
Hydraulic Requirements 20 litres/min@170 bar
Bale Width 1.2 m